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16 Ounce Mug
This mug was created using a potter’s wheel and hand-building techniques. The handle has a unique..
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This casserole is approximately 6" tall, 7" wide and 5" deep. It is created on a potter..
Chalice and Paten Set
These pieces are often used in religious services. Our Chalice is approximately 9" tall and the a..
Fish Plate
Fish Plates are approximately 8-9 inches in diameter. Each is created on the potter's wheel and h..
Gravy Boat
The Gravy Boat was created using a potter's wheel and then altered by hand. It can also be used a..
Large Bi-Pot
Our large Bi-Pot measures approximately 8" wide, 4" deep and 5" tall. They feature a twisted hand..
Large Pitcher
Our Large Pitcher holds slightly more than 1.5 quarts. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and wo..
Mug Bowl
Our Mug Bowl is created using both the potter’s wheel and hand-building techniques. It can hold a..
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Porcelain Bowl
Our Porcelain Bowl measures approximately 8" in diameter and 3" deep. It is similar in size and s..
Serving Bowl
Our serving bowl measures approximately 8" in diameter and 3" deep. It is similar in size and sha..
Shallow Bi-Pot
Our Shallow Bi-Pot is a shallow version of our Large Bi-Pot. It is approximately 8" long and 4" w..
Shallow Tri-Pot
Shallow Tri-Pots feature a twisted handle that links the three shallow bowls. Tri-Pots are create..
Soup and Cracker Bowl
The Soup and Cracker Bowl is a very popular piece. The unique style makes it a interesting conver..
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Tri-Band Bowl
Our Tri-Band Bowl is created on a pottery wheel with porcelain slip details. The bowl has bands o..
Turtle Plate
Turtle Plates are about 8-9 inches in diameter. They are creater with a potter's wheel and has a ..
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